Tokenize anything. Request Liquidity. Get rewarded.

It has never been easier to bring real world objects to any blockchain.

Tokenize ANYTHING. Seriously.

By leveraging the power of oracles and smart contracts, Tokenizer allows you to create a blockchain based version of just about anything. In addition, by using NFTs, Tokenizer allows you to bring everyday items to the blockchain, with the possibility of redeeming them as physical models.

Peg anything

By anything, we literally mean anything.. Pegging allows you to create a blockchain based token similar to the asset or thing you're pegging. Essentially a mirror of that thing on the blockchain.

Create Tokens

Create tokens on any major blockchain with no coding experience. Simply select your criteria and click on "create" and we'd do the rest.

Source Liquidity

Users can request liquidity for their creations through a governance vote by simply creating a proposal to receive liquidity to create a market on Tokenizer DEX. If the proposal gets enough positive votes, the user receives up to $30,000 in liquidity from the treasury.

Redeem your NFTs

Tokenizer allows you to create and redeem NFTs in the real world. NFTs are transferrable, hence anyone with the ownership rights can ask the Tokenizer to ship them a 3D model of their NFT and have it sent to them.

Tokenizer DEX

Tokenizer DEX is a chain agnostic instant swap DEX. Users that get liquidity through governance votes and create a market on Tokenizer DEX get 0.5% of all fees from the pool for life.

Innovative Launchpad

We at Tokenizer believe in fair launches. So we created Tokenizer Launchpad, where tokens are launched through liquidity mining. Users place liquidity in preset pools and get the startup's projects by staking their LP tokens.


Locking $TKN in our secure smart contracts for a preset period of time will produce even more $TKN which can be claimed at any time. No fees paid except gas.

Chain Agnostic

Tokenizer is chain agnostic in all areas. Our token, $TKN, will be available on all major blockchains, and tokens created on the platform can be created on any blockchain network. Users can also peg tokens from one blockchain to another.

Superior Tokenizing

Rather than lock up your collateral for one preset period of time, Tokenizer allows you to choose the lock up period for your collateral, depending on your needs. This makes for multiple use cases for tokenization.

Powered by $xTKN.

$xTKN is the scarce, deflationary utility token of the Tokenizer Protocol. It is required to use the protocol, and holders of $xTKN are entitled to participate in governance. $xTKN holders are also entitled to quarterly airdrops as Tokenizer takes account of its quarterly earnings.

Desktop - 2-2
MacBook - 4-2

The Tokenizer Platform

The Tokenizer platform is where all the magic happens. The Tokenizer platform is an advanced DeFi dashboard containing a DEX, the tokenizing smart contracts, docs and a lot more. The platform runs on $xTKN, and requires the user to have a certain amount of $xTKN in their wallet before any actions can be performed. The platform is also fully decentralised, with your only means of identification being your wallet address.


Secured by the best

$xTKN is secured and audited by Hacken audits. Our audit report returned that $xTKN is 100% safe and secure. You can view the report through the document link below.


The power is in your hands

The Tokenizer belongs to you as much as it belongs to anyone else. Exercise your rights to change protocol settings by creating and voting on proposals in a 100% decentralised and autonomous process.

Holder Airdrops

Simply holding $xTKN entitles you to receive quarterly airdrops based on how the Tokenizer platform performs. After tending to our balance sheets, 10% of our net profits for that month will be airdropped to token holders in the order of how much $xTKN they hold.



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- Tokenizer Protocol and its associates are not responsible for any losses and gains incurred by purchasing or owning $TKN
- $TKN is a utility token ONLY and will in no means be regarded as a security. By owning $TKN, you expressly agree that you own a utility crypto token, and not a security.
- $TKN does not represent a store of value and does not offer refunds of investment. The market may move in the negative direction, and Tokenizer WILL NOT IN ANY WAY offer refunds for this negative price movement. Also, smart contract failure can cause liquidity pools under our ownership to fail and cause investor's money to be lost. In the case of this, TOKENIZER AND ITS ASSOCIATES WILL OFFER NO FORM OF COMPENSATION TO ANYONE AFFECTED.
- Employees are paid in $TKN, and their selling can cause negative price action on $TKN. In this case, we will offer NO refunds and will not offer compensation of any kind.
- MANDATORY LEGAL DISCLAIMER (different from regular disclaimer)

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